We Are Living in Exciting Times

Good Morning,

I would like to begin this morning manna by saying that this is a very exciting time to be serving the Lord. As I was getting around to face the day the spirit of the Lord begin to remind me of some things that he had given me several months ago and I would like to share them with you this morning as a encouragement to you.

1- Revival is coming to small churches and rural areas across America.

A majority of our churches in this nation are between 50-150 members. Sometimes we feel that because we do have hundreds in attendance that we are not making a difference. Some of the greatest pastors I have found do not pastor a mega church. God does not measure success like we do! I believe that He is going to honor faithful people with a mighty visitation of His glory.

2- A prayer movement is awakening among the youth of today.

I am seeing a shift in the hunger of the youth as I travel across this nation. They are crying out in desperation for their generation.

3-The Lord is raising-up Hispanic voices in America.

I believe the church of today needs to look towards our Hispanic friends because I feel that God is about to do something in their culture. They are passionate people! Their passion is going to stir life in our dead lukewarm churches in America.

4-Restoration is coming to Native Americans

There is a move of God coming to Native Americans. I heard the spirit of the Lord say that he is going to restore the dreamers.

5- There is going to be watering holes.

The last thing the Lord showed me was watering holes scattered across the nation. There are going to be places of refreshing for the weary.  They are going to be revival centers, conferences centers. Campmeetings, conventions are going to become so vital in this hour that the church is in.

I am very excited about what the Lord is doing in each of our lives. I pray that thesemorning manna are a encouragement to you. I had someone from Ohio tell me that they look forward to reading these mannas as they prepare to face the day at work. That was so much of a blessing to me to know that the work we are doing is helping someone.

We have a busy schedule the next few weeks.

Stop by and see us if we are in your area.