Rain Runners

I pray that you are having a wonderful Saturday morning. This is my last greeting from Enid, OK. I am leaving my motel room and thought I would send out a thought I have this morning. I am facing a 13hrs drive today, so pray for me as I head to Winchester, Ky.

Last night I shared a word on being rain runners. Elijah Heard the sound of rain while speaking to a famine. when in ministry we must understand that we are not called to speak to the rain but to speak to the famine that the rain is coming. GLORY!

When the rain came Elijah begin to run! It was a time to move. I believe that it is time to move! I am blessed to serve on 5 different ministry boards. In the last month I have sit in meetings and listened to what the leaders of ministries are feeling and hearing in their spirit. The theme is the same that it is time to move and not talk but take action. I believe that we are a time of prophetic fulfillment. 2016 is our year to enlarge the kingdom. The atmosphere is changing! The days of survival are over. It is time for revival in America. RUN! RUN! RUN! run into your dreams, run into your destiny, run into your promises. Be a rain runner on this Saturday.

“GOD bless”

Rev Newton