Promotion Thru the Fire

Daniel 3:14-25

The 3 Hebrew children would not bow to the sound of their generation. They were asked to worship something that they were not born to worship. It was a form of perverted praise and they refused to bow to something that was so unhealthy to their generation.

As a revivalist who travels across this great nation I am seeing such a shift in our church culture. It is a shift that is not to the good, but a shift that has created a perverted praise in our pulpits & pews. Our church leaders are bowing to things that are not healthy for our generation. There is a sound and it is not the sound of heaven.  We are bowing to mens’ opinions, false teaching, compromise, cultural trends out of desperation to keep our church pews full. We celebrate preachers who preach more about money, wealth, and material gain than we do about men who preach about a mighty move of God on our generation. PERVERTED PRAISE!!!

The faithful three would not bow. They were cast into the fire.


coats= represents mantles

hosen= (Leggings) represents walk

Hats=(turbens) coverings.   The enemy of God’s faithful would love to place us in such a fire storm of life because he is after our mantles, our spiritual walk, and our holy covering.

BUT THERE WAS A 4TH MAN IN THE FIRE! Jesus is with you today in whatever fire you feel tossed into. He will never leave you  nor forsake you.

The best part is that they were promoted after the fire.

Hold on to your faith! Do not bow down to the sound. Hear what the spirit is saying. God is with you!

Faithfulness bring promotion.

Revival is coming to those who will not bow…….

Preach preacher! Pray saint! Great things are waiting ahead for the kingdom of God.

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