Big Announcements of Things to Come…


Greetings from the Newton home. We arrived home around midnight last night after a three week tour. I have been so excited to share several things to each of you since they have been in the works for the last few weeks, But I had to keep it all on the low-down until we were sure of the direction we were taking.

It is sad to say that after 7yrs of doing morning manna devotional that it may be coming to a end. I pray that it is has been a blessing to you. We will be shutting down our powerhouse social web-site. My son Austin created it in 2009 and it has been a great tool for connecting with people but we are going to be doing some new cutting edge things to replace what we have been doing to be a more effective blessing to you. Our future plans is to create two web-sites that will work together.

We own the domain; so our new web-site will be there. It will have information on our ministry & 24hr streaming for your encouragement. Because of the growth of NGA NETWORK we will be creating a web-site just for members. On this site we will stream live events also from our new offices we will be doing video meetings with members.

You can still stay connected with us thru faceboook & twitter.

FACEBOOK: Is maintained by my staff, it will have flyers of events, facebook live vidoes from different services. I will be given my staff much more information to place on  our facebook page.  Our twitter page is operated by me. It is much more personal. so if you would like to keep touch with me on a personal bases you can do that thru twitter.

facebook- powerhouse crusades & conferences

twitter – powerhouse ministry

Now the next news!!!

When I began laying the design for our new building the Lord instructed me to make room for video production(lighting, sound, set) I did this thinking it was going to be for video dvd teaching, and live streaming. I had no idea that it was going to be for television production. Powerhouse Ministries has been approached with a great opportunity to have our own weekly tv program. I have known this for a little while and been praying about it. I have felt the release to do it. Because we have not officially signed the contracts yet I will announce the network & station at a later time.

We are now working on the format & planning out details. This will be a whole new adventure for our ministry. We do have the name of the show, “REVIVE AMERICA”

Our goal is to launch this program at the first of the year. My son Austin is working close with me on all of these new changes in our ministry and I thank him so much. Much of the burden to make all this happen will be on him. BUT YOU CAN DO IT SON!!!!

I want to take this time to thank our “fuel the flame” monthly partners. Your $20.00 each month helps us do what we do.

I also want to thank the, “DREAM TEAM” those who have given towards our dream of building a headquarters. Many families & ministries sowed into our vision and I personally will always be reminded when I walk into that building of friends across America who believed in this man & his vision to reach America with the gospel.

Have a blessed day

evangelist & powerhouse team