The River is Rising

For this morning manna I would like to share a dream that I had last night. I believe that it is prophetic for the season that we are in.

The dream begins with pastor Tommy Hill picking me up for a ride in his van. As we begin driving I was giving him directions to Muscatine, Iowa because we were heading there to minister. In the dream we drove thru Fredonia, Iowa and past the church I grew-up in. I begin to share with Tommy of the things that the Lord did in this church over the years. He then begin to prophecy to me that God was not done with this region of Iowa, and that revival is going to flood eastern Iowa. Pastor Tommy begins to tell me that the mantle that was left here in Fredonia that I have picked it up and God has anointed me to do campmeetings & conventions & to connect ministries.

We continue to drive out of town and we are following the river, along the river was empty houses & properties that were in ruins. As we see each property  Pastor Tommy begin to share with me the stories of each family that the land had belonged to.  IT WAS WAS AS IF THE EMPTY HOUSES REPRESENTED ABANDONED DREAMS AND HOPES.

As we drove along the river it was as if the Lord was saying to us that the spirit of the Lord was going to visit dead places in this region. As we follow the river the waters begin to rise. The flood waters moved so fast that we left the van and then was using a boat. as we are riding in the boat we could see the flood waters reaching every abandoned house. As we watch this happen we are praying & singing I heard other voices turned to see 5 other preachers in the boat with us.

I WANTED TO SHARE THIS DREAM THIS MORNING TO TELL YOU THAT THE RIVER IS RISING! This is the time for a mighty move of God. I believe that our nation is ready for a spiritual invasion. I want to encourage you this morning to say a prayer today for your home church & your city.


“Lets get into the river today”