Big Announcements of Things to Come…

BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS OF THINGS TO COME FOR POWERHOUSE MINISTRIES Greetings from the Newton home. We arrived home around midnight last night after a three week tour. I have been so excited to share several things to each of you since they have been in the works for the last few weeks, But I had to[…]

We Are Living in Exciting Times

Good Morning, I would like to begin this morning manna by saying that this is a very exciting time to be serving the Lord. As I was getting around to face the day the spirit of the Lord begin to remind me of some things that he had given me several months ago and I[…]

The River is Rising

For this morning manna I would like to share a dream that I had last night. I believe that it is prophetic for the season that we are in. The dream begins with pastor Tommy Hill picking me up for a ride in his van. As we begin driving I was giving him directions to Muscatine,[…]

This thing has to break!

Praise the Lord that it is Friday, This has been a busy week here at home. We have been working steadily on our building project & having several meetings with contractors & and I believe Joe and I have found the right electrician who will start next week. Praise the Lord. Early this morning The Lord[…]

Promotion Thru the Fire

Daniel 3:14-25 The 3 Hebrew children would not bow to the sound of their generation. They were asked to worship something that they were not born to worship. It was a form of perverted praise and they refused to bow to something that was so unhealthy to their generation. As a revivalist who travels across[…]

The Pressers

Good Morning everyone, This is the day that the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it. PRAISE THE LORD! I just believe that this will be a great day for each of you… I just want to give a little report of our Elijah & Elisha weekend. As I gather[…]

Rain Runners

I pray that you are having a wonderful Saturday morning. This is my last greeting from Enid, OK. I am leaving my motel room and thought I would send out a thought I have this morning. I am facing a 13hrs drive today, so pray for me as I head to Winchester, Ky. Last night I[…]